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Community Reacts to Local Murder With Prayer Rally

Nearly 100 people gathered in front of the Andrews courthouse Wednesday night.
ANDREWS, TX (Local Big 2 News) - Ethan Cole's murder is leading some in the community to take a stand against crime.

One group. P.R.A.Y., short for "People Rallying for Andrews Youth", gathered in front of the courthouse Wednesday evening.

Organizers tell us nearly 100 people showed up, despite planning it less than 48 hours ahead of time.

It was just laid on our hearts to do this because the city is hurting right now because of the last month's event; the tragedies that's been happening with the youth here," Greg Griffin, a P.R.A.Y. organizer, says.

We're told Ethan Cole's murder hit close to home for many in the community who knew him and his family, as they were born and raised there.
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