Clean Coal Plant One Step Closer to Completion

Clean Coal Plant One Step Closer to Completion

Odessa City Councilors update their contract with Summit Energy, bringing it one step closer to completion.
ODESSA, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - A new coal power plant set to be built by Summit Power Group is one step closer to completion, after the Odessa City Council updates their contract with Summit Energy.
Some reports say there's up to three hundred years of coal available in the U.S. However, recent proposed E.P.A. Energy regulations could make coal harder for companies to burn unless they find a clean solution.

Some scientists say coal is both the best and worst energy source. It's the best because there's a lot of it, and it's worst because burning coal traditionally causes pollution, leading to acid rain, and releasing gases blamed for global warming.

The new clean coal plant off interstate 20 west of Odessa hopes to become one of only two coal plants in the U.S. capable of recapturing 90 percent of the carbon dioxide and returning it to the ground. Right now, Penwell is a deserted ghost town, but the hope is that in a few years, this new power plant will clean up the area and also provide clean energy. An updated agreement approved tonight says Summit energy has 10 years to create 125 jobs with combined salaries of 5 million dollars.

In return, Odessa Economic Development Corporation will provide Summit with nearly 5.5 million dollars in grant money and incentives for the power plant.

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