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City Of Midland Considers Upgrading Waste Water Treatment

The City of Midland is taking steps to upgrade its waste water treatment methods.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - The City of Midland is taking steps to upgrade the waste water plant.

City officials tell us they're in the process of adding a second treatment to the city's waste water.

The first step to do this is a study to find out the cost.

The second step will be what's called an "Request for Proposal" which is when the city looks for private companies to partner with to fund the upgrade.

City officials say many oil companies have shown an interest in buying treated waste water from the city.

Officials tell us this would not only benefit those companies but the city as a whole since oil companies would not need to tap into Midland's ground water for things like fracking.

Interim Director of Utilities, Holly McGrath-Rosas explains, "Conservation and sustainability is such a big part of the world and especially here in midland and i think it would really benefit the citizens to know that we're being aware of that."

If the city is successful in upgrading the facility the waste water treatment plant would be completely overhauled bringing it into the 21st century.
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