Citizens Voice Their Opinions On The Future Of Odessa Parks

Citizens Voice Their Opinions On The Future Of Odessa Parks

Odessa Parks and Recreation wants your opinion as they put together their Master Plan for the future
ODESSA -- The City of Odessa is holding a series of meetings to let the public give their ideas about a parks master plan. 

They held a meeting at Woodson Park, Wednesday night.

There was a good turnout at the meeting and the citizens of Odessa seem to have some good ideas and some very specific wants for the future of their parks.

When you go from park to park to park across Odessa, you see a wide range of amenities in various states of repair but for the most part citizens enjoy their recreation areas.

As the city puts together a new master plan though, they are inviting citizens to give their opinions on what they'd like to see in their city parks.

The group of citizens that came to the open house meeting Wednesday night did provide a pretty good list of wants and needs.

"I think they're pretty good,  the main thing i'm looking for is a dog park," Chelsea Franklin, a dog owner from Odessa told Big 2.

Franklin would have to take her dog all the way to Hogan Park in Midland in order to let him run with other dogs.

That wasn't the only thing on the wishlist.

"I want a basketball court for more kids to come out and just have fun," a group of kids said.

Some weren't as specific, instead calling for a full overhaul.

"Well, I think they need to be improved, especially for the kids," Shirley Arnold said.

Arnold would like to see more seating, new play areas for the kids, walking trails and shade trees.

Jim Carrillo with Halff Associates is taking all of this input into account in helping put together that master plan.

He's excited about all of the ideas and one of his goals is to increase the foot print of Odessa parks and get them in every neighborhood.

"We want everyone in the city to have good access to a playground, or just a place where they can go out and have fun in a green spot," Carrillo said.

Many in the group echoed the need for a dog park, as well as walking trails in all of the parks.

Some also asked for more electricity and night lighting in the parks as well.

The City of Odessa will be holding more meetings like this.

Here is a list of times and locations:

Sherwood Community Center, July 25th at 5:30 pm.

Nimitz Junior High cafeteria, July 30th at 6 pm.

Bowie Junior High, August 1st at 6 pm.

For more information, you can call Steve Patton, Parks Director at 432-368-3548.

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