Chilly With Possible Rain This Evening 12-12-13

Chilly With Possible Rain This Evening 12-12-13

Temperatures will stay in the 40's this afternoon, and tonight brings a 20% chance of rain

Highs will, once again, be in the 40's throughout the area today.

Skies will stay mostly cloudy, contributing to the lower temperatures.

Winds will be light out of the north, shifting to the SW by the end of the day.

Rain chances start this afternoon to the west and south and make their way into the Central Basin in the overnight hours.

Rain chances will be in the 20-30% range tonight.


Skies will be mostly clear through the day, with rain chances continuing into the early morning hours.

Highs will skyrocket into the lower 60's tomorrow afternoon.

Winds will be breezy out of the SW throughout the day.


Another cold front will bring temperatures back into the 50's for Saturday and Sunday with clear skies.

Next week...

Temperatures return to the lower 60's under clear skies.
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