Car Scammer Agrees To Meet At Odessa Police Department - UPDATE

Car Scammer Agrees To Meet At Odessa Police Department - UPDATE

Goldrush International guaranteed Dorothy Watson $1.2 million and a brand new car, the catch? She was asked to put $225 on a re-loadable card and give it to a man who goes by "Nick Chambers".

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) –  While Dorothy Watson was on the phone with Nick Chambers of Goldrush International, she asked him how much the check would be made out for? Nick responded, “$1.2 Million”.

That's the promise Dorothy Watson was given on Wednesday from Goldrush international.

When I spoke to Chambers, I advised him that I spoke with the Better Business Bureau on Wednesday and they told me that this was a scam. I asked him what does he have to say about this?

“Well I would love to get the opportunity to meet you guys, that's all I would love, because we’ve been through this before", said Chambers.

As the conversation went on Chambers seemed to become irritated, but eventually agreed to meet with us on Thursday. 

I arrived at the Odessa Police Department at 11:45am on Thursday. I waited and waited, 15 minutes passed by, then 30 minutes passed by. I waited for over an hour for Nick Chambers to show up, but he never came.

I spoke with Odessa Police Information Officer, Steve Lesueur and asked him what people should do if they are in the same position as Dorothy Watson.

"The best thing they can do is notify the Police Department", said Lesueur.

"Another thing citizens can do is go to IC3.Gov, if they are a victim of identity theft or if they suspect anything similar to that happening", said Lesueur.

 I asked Officer Lesueur, was he shocked the con artist was a no show?

"I’m not surprised", said Lesueur.

Not satisfied standing there by myself waiting.

I gave Nick a call to see why he did not show up, but someone named Tanya answered this time.

I asked Tanya, "How do you give away $1.2 million away and a brand new car for only $225?”

She was never able to answer my question, and kept asking for her $225 debit reloadable Card.

"I haven't gotten any confirmation from Mr. Chambers, so when you called I actually thought you were going to give me the confirmation number", said Tanya Brown of Goldrush International.

They never gave up the scam and I never heard from Nick.

"If there is no way the card is going to be bought, please don't waste Mr. Chamber's time and neither mine", said Brown.

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