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Cadets Begin Firearm Training At Odessa Fire & Police Training Facility

The recruits work hard in the classroom to learn about the firearms, Tuesday they had a chance to showcase their skills.

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - "Today the recruits are out here in the week of their firearms training for their academy. It's a 48 hour course", said Odessa Police Department Sergeant, Carlos Chavez.

The recruits work hard in the classroom to learn about the firearms.

Now, they are able to put their training to use.

"Today we actually got to come outside and play", said Police Cadet, Joseph Dominquez

Cadets are excited about being able to use the guns. One of the recruits explained how the whole experience has helped.

"It’s been was pretty cool, pretty fun. Today we actually got out of the classroom, like the hands on stuff", said Dominquez.

Before the trainers put a weapon in the hands of the recruits. They put the team through some exercises. Some of the drills included magazine changes, reloading the weapon as quickly as possible,

Cadets also practiced their drawing, shooting and taking a step to the side as they draw.

The cadets worked on lying on the ground to simulate if they had to shoot from under the car or from different barricades.

The police officers must be prepared to shoot from any angle, even upside down.

"It felt pretty good, having to know the feel of a gun and the power it has. It's kind of scary but feels kind of cool", said Dominquez.

It might be kind of scary, but the trainers emphasized heavily on the importance of safety.

"Safety about the firearm, how to take care of it and people around them", said Chavez.


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