Cable and Phone Outage in Big Spring

Cable and Phone Outage in Big Spring

Cable and phone services out for over 6 hours in Odessa, affecting VA Medical Center services.
BIG SPRING, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Phone services up and running at the VA medical center in Big Spring this morning. The Suddenlink outage affected residents and businesses throughout Big Spring, including the veterans hospital, who were without internet and phone services for more than six hours Wednesday.

"We immediately have to implement a contigency plan," says VA Community Relations Director Ava Jo Hanslik.

For the VA medical center, losing internet service means a trip back in time to completing all reports on paper.

"We had no telephone service to and from our Medical Center Hospital here, and unfortunately that impacts our community based outpatient services too," says Hanslik.

Failed internet and phone lines in Big Spring also affected outpatient clinics in Odessa, Abilene, San Angelo, and Hobbs New Mexico.  Many patients were unable to fulfill their healthcare needs on Wednesday.

"One of the impacts that is devastating to us. is that they cannot call in, they cannot order any medications," explains Hanslik.

Suddenlink says all this hassle results from a fiber optic line accidentely cut by a third party, which was digging outside Big Spring.  Hanslik tells me these accidents should not happen.

"Perhaps the lines weren't identified or something, but it is a critical situation when it involves health care," she adds.

However, Hanslik gives Suddenlink credit for usually being reliable.

"This doesn't happen that often, and we appreciate that," she concludes.
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