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Business Becomes First In Odessa To Rely On Solar Energy

Rain might not be abundant in the Permian Basin, but sunlight usually is.
ODESSA -- Rain might not be abundant in the Permian Basin, but sunlight usually is.
This had the people at the newly formed company Infinity Solar Solutions asking why residents of the Basin haven't taken more of an interest in solar energy.
In this weeks Big 2 Energy Report, we shine a light on the new company our of Odessa that's dedicated to bringing solar energy to the area. 
Gormet Foods will be the first commercial business in Odessa to rely 100 percent on solar energy.
It will take 60 solar panels installed on the roof to generate enough power for the building.
Ultimately, C.C. Campos won't have to pay the electric company for power, just minor fees in the amount of a few dollars per month.
"This is [going to] offset it 100 percent," Campos said.
In six years, Campos says, the solar panels will pay for themselves.
Not only does Campos own Gormet Foods, he's also a partner at Infinity Solar Solutions.
He sees opportunity here in the Basin for solar energy, noting the success it's having in California.
"The technology hasn't moved to this area, it's not as big as it is in California," Campos said.  "But it's coming.  We do have a lot of radiance out here."
Victor Galindo is the master electrician for Infinity Solar Solutions.
After they're done with Gormet Foods, they're going to put solar panels on his house.
"[Because] I want to offset my electric bill 100 percent.  Not having an electric bill, I think that would be pretty neat," Galindo said.
In order to offset your electric bill by 100 percent with solar power, the average house would have to spend about $25,000 to install solar panels.  But the federal government, along with Oncor, is offering tax rebates which would offset the cost of that by about 50 percent.
Oncor representative Kristy Tyra said that they offer programs for residences that pay for $1.28 per watt installed, which equates to about one third the cost of installation.
Campos says he hopes people will take advantage of their services, and take the step toward a greener Permian Basin in the near future.
Campos also wants to make the public aware of the benefits of solar energy.  They will be holding free classes on solar energy on Mondays at their office located at 1512 North Grandview in Odessa.
For more information you can call their office at 432-653-0490.
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