Big Spring ISD Starts Retired Mentorship Program

Big Spring ISD Starts Retired Mentorship Program

Big Spring ISD is offering extra help to students sruggling in math and reading
BIG SPRING -- Big Spring ISD is offering extra help to students struggling in math and reading.. subjects retired teacher Jean Govea has seen students struggle with during her time as a teacher.

"One of my students told me, 'we're getting extra help because that means we're gonna get further. We're gonna be up there.' I said that's right, we're gonna be up there," said Govea.

According to Rosie Lain, principal of Moss Elementary, the received low test scores at the fifth grade level last year.

To combat the problem, the district hired a retired teacher to work with students.

After that proved successful, the district launched the Retired Teacher Mentorship Program.

"Really it's to support our students that are having trouble being successful in the classroom. And we want them to get the most intervention that we can give at this time," said Lain.

And by targeting students at all elementary grade levels now,

Govea says she believes the struggle with math and reading will decrease.

"When they start in kinder, they don't have that extra help at home and so therefore when they're having to read, they do not know their letters or their sounds," said Govea.

The retired teachers spend an hour with each grade level, from kindergarten to fifth grade; working with the students inside the classroom and outside.

"We're really proud to have our retired teachers come back into the classrooms because they have such a wealth of knowledge and they are able to share that with the teachers as well," said Lain.

"The superintendent is on the right track of hiring the retired teachers. As he call we are the "experts," Govea said.

Govea says another reason students may be struggling with reading is because parents are not teaching their children the best way, which Govea says is normal.

Govea also adds she and the other retired teachers are working to offer parenting tips on how parents can better teach their children at home.

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