Big Changes Are Coming for ECISD

Big Changes Are Coming for ECISD

Odessa High School broke ground on the first phase of what will soon be a whole new school.

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - "This is an exciting time for Odessa High School,” said Principal Gregory Nelson.

A time for change.

"It'll be a good change, the school really needs new, things,” said student Samantha Bustamante.

Things, like a gymnasium, auditorium, classrooms and locker rooms, which will all be brand new.

Odessa High School broke ground today, in phase one of several phases of construction set to take place over the next year.

"It's exciting to have the school getting bigger and growing, to see more people being able to come,” said said student Tayler Montano.

And, this comes as the result of a bond election that was passed back in 2012, allowing for one hundred thirty million dollars to go toward additional building and renovations at both Odessa and Permian High.

Ultimately, this will add about one thousand students to each campus.

But, not everyone is looking forward to the crowds.

Eighteen-year old Samantha Bustamante believes bringing freshman to the high school will be a bit hectic.

"I think it's going to be very crazy, because even tenth through eleventh is very crazy and very crowded here, and it'll just get even more intense,” said Bustamante.

But, setting that aside, Principal Gregory Nelson knows that this renovation is about more than just a new building.

"We are going to move ourselves into a position where we can provide students with better opportunities for learning,” said Nelson.

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