Big 2 Energy Report: Kermit Man Goes Green

Big 2 Energy Report: Kermit Man Goes Green

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Kermit- Here in West Texas, we love the oil and gas business, but we also want to do a better job of helping mother earth. So in honor of St. Patrick's day, the Big 2 Energy Report is featuring one Kermit man who's decided to go green in order to help the planet and our local oil industry.

"I've been in the oil and gas and the natural gas business for a lot of years, and my strengths were in the design of natural gas measurement equipment. And I retired in 2008, and just like everybody, I decided I needed to get back in something else," says Kary Duncan, President and CEO of Priority Pump and Supply.

And by something else, Duncan means green energy. "We had an opportunity to buy a supply store in Kermit, and we also had the idea of using green energy...wind turbines and solar systems and marry them into one."

He started by designing wind turbines and solar panels. And then he was approached with a new idea of how he could use them.

"We had a pipeline company come to us to see if we could solve their problems on cathodic protection on their pipelines," says Duncan.

And so he started designing.  With the help of Maverick Solar, he came up with the Sunflow Cathodic Protection system.

"We designed it to where it's energy free. We're using the wind and the sun to send charges to the battery to send the current down to the pipeline to keep it from corroding."

They're currently only sold through Duncan's company, Priority Pump and Supply. And they're helping local oil companies in more ways than one. "Cost wise, it's about half the cost," says Duncan.

And although his company may be green, he's glad he can use it to help out the industry he's been around his entire life. "I was born in West Texas, and it gives me a sense of pride to get to help out."

Priority Pump and Supply has also installed a renewable energy system at the Winkler County Law Enforcement Center, which provides electricity through wind energy. They also install solar panels and turbines at homes, companies and more to cut down on electricity costs.

For a more information:
Kary Duncan: 432-853-1393

Note:  To obtain cash rebates and permission from the electrical utilities, any installer of solar and wind must work under a licensed master electrician, an approved service provider from the electrical utilities companies and hold an NABCEP license (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.)
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