Becoming the Complete Athlete: Midland Lee's Aron Dobbins

Becoming the Complete Athlete: Midland Lee's Aron Dobbins

Striving to become great when no one is watching.
Midland- TX (Local Big 2 Sports)

As a junior, Midland Lee running back Aron Dobbins rushed for more than 1000 yards. But something was missing.

"Last year I didn't finish a couple of runs because I wasn't fast enough," said Aron Dobbins.

He decided to get faster. Aron worked with Tony Goyang and the Midland Crusaders Track Club.

"Aron is a coach's dream," said Tony Goyang. "You want a kid that is very disciplined, humble, and has a desire and determination to do whatever you ask them to do."

Before the first exercise, Coach Goyang wanted Aron to learn one thing.

"Technique of running versus just running football. Track and field can help in lots of ways. Run more efficiently and run a lot faster," said Goyang.

Through stretching, short runs, speed development, acceleration, and flexibility, improvements developed.

"Being able to pick his heels up and kick it out. Toes up heels up," said Goyang.

After all the training, Aron saw results.

"Whenever my 40's started improving, is really like when I started to buy in more and I really believed that what he was doing was really helping me," said Dobbins.

At the start of summer, Aron ran a 4.6 40. The drills shaved off two-tenths of a second: from a 4.68 to a 4.48.

"I couldn't believe it! For just a short period to transition from when we started," said Goyang.

Coach Goyang believes Aron's mindset will produce future success.

"You can see that he really wants it, bad. He's going to go a long way with that attitude," said Goyang.

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