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Balmorhea vs. Rankin McCamey West Texas Six-Man Shootout 8/31/13

Both the Balmorhea Bears and Rankin Red Devils start off their seasons at the fourth annual West Texas Six-Man Shootout

 Next up, the Balmorhea Bears and the Rankin Red Devils, and this one was a tale of two halves

Rankin up, 8-0... Red Devils sweep right to Aaron Castillo, hits his stride to the sideline and he leaps over a bear! What a play! It leads to a goal line touchdown. 14-0 Rankin.

Second quarter, 22 to zero, and Red Devils looking to make this a blowout, when P.J. Iniquez goes long and finds Joshua Matta in the end zone. Bears on the board and score another touchdown right before half.

Third quarter, Balmorhea gets right back in this courtesy of super sophomore Isaiah Mendoza, who takes it to the house a-la rush. Bears down only 3 points

Next Rankin possession, give it to the stable back , why don’t you? Castillo capitalizes in the red zone, and the nail in the casket would come off an interception the very next Bears drive from Si Exum.

 Rankin goes into third gear from here and speeds away 66-32.

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