Auto Aim Rifle Makes Shooting Easy

Auto Aim Rifle Makes Shooting Easy

<br>You've heard of smart phones, smart cars, and smart houses, but try this one on for size: Smart guns.

FELIX CANYON RANCH, FLYING H, NEW MEXICO -- You've heard of smart phones, smart cars, and smart houses, but try this one on for size: Smart guns.

There's a new technology that Tracking Point Systems is labeling "precision guided firearms."

The system works up to 1,200 yards away.  It makes it easy for an inexperienced shooter like me to easily hit a target at that distance.

I didn't miss a shot.  I took the first three shots of my life and hit a target at 250 yards, 500 yards, and 1,000 yards.

There's a heads up display in the viewfinder, similar to video games like Modern Warfare.

You select your target with a button near the trigger.  Then you press and hold down the trigger.

The rifle doesn't fire right away.  Instead it waits until the shot is lined up perfectly in the crosshairs, then the gun automatically takes the shot.

"They put a team of engineers together to build a proof of concept about can we start using some of the technology that's readily available today in cell phones and tracking, and things like that," said VP of sales for Tracking Point Paul Franz.
Tracking Point says their rifle can hit a moving target going 10 miles per hour at about 12 football fields distance.

"This network tracking scope accomidates and compensates for a lot of human error.  Whether it's trigger jerk, or if someone's shaking and things like that.  It takes care of all that," Franz said.
The Tracking Point representatives said there haven't been significant advancements in rifle technology in over 100 years.

And this system breaks the mold. 

"They can come out with this system and be very proficient and very comfortable shooting it really almost in an afternoon," said Tracking Point sales representative Gary Smith.
The system is marketed towards hunters and target shooters, but you need deep pockets.

The entire system which includes the rifle, scope, and iPad, costs about $27,000.

"Many of them are very active safari hunters.  And when they're making that type of an investment, to go on safari, to have a weapon that allows them to make some extreme shots at extreme distances, is very important," Franz said.

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