ATM stolen with forklift in Odessa

ATM stolen with forklift in Odessa

An ATM was stolen from the Complex Community Credit Union.

"Upon arrival officers observed that one of the ATM's was missing from the bank", said Odessa Public Information Officer Steve LeSueur.

The drive through was being used for something other than a deposit.

The forklift lifts the ATM right off the concrete.

“After officers arrived on scene, the FBI was notified and they responded to the scene to assist with the investigation. This entire investigation has been turned over to the FBI", said LeSueur.

There are no suspects so far as the investigation continues.

On Wednesday, there is nothing left behind of the ATM machine.

You will only traffic cones marking the missing spot.

"At this time, whoever committed this act is facing federal burglary charges", said LeSueur.

The Odessa Police Department asks for your help in solving this crime.

The Odessa Crime Stoppers are offering a $1000 cash reward for information leading to the person who committed this crime.

"As far as we know, it's just one at this time but there's always a possibility of more", said LeSueur.


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