Athlete of the Week: Permian Cheerleading 1/27/14

Athlete of the Week: Permian Cheerleading 1/27/14

The MOJO cheerleading squad prepares for NHSCC at Disney World, trying to become the first team in school history to win nationals.

It’s been a decade since the Permian cheerleading squad has qualified for nationals.

But in 2014,the Mojo are Walt Disney bound for the national high school cheerleading championship

“It’s honestly a blessing knowing that we’re the team that gets to go and not any of the other teams," said senior cheerleader Brooke Fierro.

They’ll be coming to Orlando off a first place finish in an El Paso tournament and have spent more time preparing and bonding than ever before.

“This is really my family and I’m with them more than my actual family," said junior cheerleader Hannah Beason. "But all the guys are literally my brothers and all the girls are my sisters it’s like a really family connection that I haven’t had with other teams I was on.”

An unusual but welcome addition has been a few players from the MOJO football team, and they’ve seen firsthand that cheerleading is definitely a sport

“These girls are athletes," said senior cheerleader Chase Miller. "There’s some stuff in here that they can do that I’ll probably never be able to do and people who say girls or cheerleaders aren’t athletes, that’s a lie.”

And as the weeks draw near to February 8th, the kids are hoping to leave Disney World with more than just a dream.

“I hope that we set the standard and it keeps on going and going and maybe we can be the first to come home with a national championship," said Beason.

“Our goal is to go in there and win nationals and bring something back to our school," said Miller.

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