Athlete of the Week: Odessa High's Kevin Guzman 4/14/14

Athlete of the Week: Odessa High's Kevin Guzman 4/14/14

Making A's along with the big plays, Kevin Guzman is you Athlete of the Week the 14th of April.

Kevin Guzman plays center field for the Bronchos, but that’s not all he’s about.

“He’s a great student," said Bronchos baseball head coach Josh Hulin. "He’s pretty much straight A’s year round.”

And it just so happens he has a knack for making contact at the plate.

“Batting .300 for us," said Hulin, "he’s came up with some clutch hits for us lately here in district.”

His approach is simple, do what coach says, and it’s working.

“Following what he says," said Guzman, "I mean, coming up and see the ball, hit the ball.”

“He’s changed his batting stance. He’s changed his stride, his load," said Hulin. "He’s changed multiple things throughout the year because he’s coachable. He’s trying to find something that works and last few weeks he’s just been locked in and putting the ball on the barrel and it’s just him being consistent every day.”

The effort he displays on the field and in the classroom comes from his upbringing, where he was raised with the mentality that nothing good comes easy.

“You just gotta give it your heart in all your aspects of life," said Guzman. "Not everything is gonna be handed down to you. You gotta work hard for it.”

And if you put in the work?

“If you give your heart in everything," said Guzman, "you’ll see results. If you just give your best, you’ll get results.”

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