Athlete of the Week: Midland Lee's Daija Stanford 1/20/14

Athlete of the Week: Midland Lee's Daija Stanford 1/20/14

The Midland Lee Lady Rebels sit tied for first place in district play, and a big reason why is the play of junior point guard Daija Stanford.

In basketball, no position requires as much communication than point guard, and Midland Lee's Daija Stanford is heading the Lady Rebels in the right direction.

"She's what keeps us together. We talk about how the body can't function without the head. Well she's the head on the floor."

Coach Ramirez isn't shy to say she's glad to have Stanford in her first year as head coach.

"Daija's one of those kids that you're blessed with because she can do multiple things."

So what does Daija think her biggest strength is?


How else did she score the game winning basket to put her team in first place in district? Countless hours of dedication.

"I practice a lot because I know I can dribble. So during the summer I just work on my shots so by the time season comes, I'm a better shooter.

And she's still pushing to be the best player she can be.

"She's there every day. And then you leave and you realize she's still in the gym. And then, you realize that you go to the Y to work out and she's there. You know the kid just never stops."

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