Athlete of the Week: Midland Lee's Ciara Sheppard 3/24/14

Athlete of the Week: Midland Lee's Ciara Sheppard 3/24/14

A starter on the softball team since her freshman year, senior Ciara Sheppard is spearheading Midland Lee towards a playoff berth and more in her final year as a Lady Rebel.

She’s been a starter for the Midland Lee since she was a freshman.

But head coach Wes Overton knew he had a good thing coming before Ciara Sheppard stepped on campus.

“It really began when she was younger," Overton said. "Playing competitive ball, we go out and watch them play and we recognized something with her at an early age"

A dual-athlete in volleyball as well, Sheppard is Angelo State bound in August for softball, but she’s got her mind on her final season as a Lady Rebel

“I have some pretty high expectations of myself," said Sheppard. "I mean I feel like I have to do it for my team so we can be successful. Everybody has to contribute and I can’t let my part down."

And if that means switching to another position, she’s all for the better good.

“I wish we had nine more just like her," Overton said. "It’s difficult sometimes for girls to be able to do that because they want to specialize in one area or the other but she’s not like that, she’ll play whatever. If I ask her to play center field Saturday she’d do it."

Awarded the Defensive Player of the Year, and has picked up where she left off still, she keeps her head to the ground.

“You know I’ve always been raised with that like ‘you always have to stay humble, you always give everybody else the credit’ (mentality)," said Sheppard. "You can’t win by yourself. So you gotta give everyone that contributed the credit too.”

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