Athlete of the Week: Midland High's Gary Ringo 2/3/14

Athlete of the Week: Midland High's Gary Ringo 2/3/14

Junior Gary Ringo has stepped up his game considerably to help his Bulldogs squad be in the 2-5A playoff conversation.

His teammates call him Cinco

His first year head coach calls him the ideal student.

When it comes down to being himself, Gary Ringo lets it be.

"He's one of those kids that when you start coaching you hope you have kids like Gary Ringo,” said Bulldogs head coach Charles Tatum. “I mean he's fun. He's never moody. He's always upbeat."

"I think I get everybody like active you know,” said junior Gary Ringo, “like I dunk and everything in warm-ups and I just make everyone hyped."

This past summer, Ringo focused on scoring outside the paint, and his stats are testament to the work he put in.

"That's one of the things real special about Gary,” said Tatum. “He's never bigger than the game. He's not one of those kids that's 'Oh, I know everything already.' He's a very humble kid. He's a very coachable kid and he's fun to coach.

"Last year I think I was averaging only like eight points a game,” said Ringo. “Now I think I've stepped it up a lot."

Yes, Ringo is a jack of all trades.

"He can guard multiple positions,” said Tatum. “He can rebound. He can shoot. He can pass. He can do everything."

If he can improve in a few departments, big things are in his future.

"If we can put a couple of pounds of muscle on Gary Ringo and improve that jump shot a little more, you might be looking at a district MVP,” said Tatum.

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