Athlete of the Week: Midland Christian's Grant Little 2/24/14

Athlete of the Week: Midland Christian's Grant Little 2/24/14

After winning TAPPS 4-1A Offensive Player of the Year and first team honors as a freshman last year, sophomore guard Grant Little picked up where he left off, averaging over 24 points a game for the Midland Mustangs.

Before Marks Lanham became head coach, he taught Grant Little in grade school and he knew this kid was special

“He was talented," said Coach Lanham, "could handle the ball and shoot so well so we knew that he would be a varsity player as a freshman.”

He was just that and took TAPPs over by storm, winning offensive player of the year and first team honors. But to him, it’s not an individual award.

“I see it more as a team award," said sophomore shooting guard Little, "because without them I wouldn’t of received offensive player of the year or any other accolade.”

This year, teams took notice to Little’s big game.

“All the teams we play know about him so he’s had to work extra hard to get open," said Lanham.

Open or not, Little doesn’t mind dishing the rock if it’s going to help Midland Christian.

“If we need a bucket I’ll get the bucket," said Little, "if we need an assist or rebound or a stop, I’ll get whatever the job needs to be done.”

And with two more seasons to go, there seems to be no ceiling on a private school kid like Little being the best ball player in the Permian Basin.

“I don’t want to do other people’s programs," said Lanham, "but I know he can play at any program in the Permian Basin.”

“If my name happens to pop up that means I must be doing something right," said Little, "and so that must mean our team is winning if I’m doing something right and so that’s really all that matters.” 

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