Athlete of the Week: Midland Christian's Ashton Sisters 2/10/14

Athlete of the Week: Midland Christian's Ashton Sisters 2/10/14

One's a senior, the other a freshman. Combined, Morgan and Megan Ashton help shape a formidable Midland Christian basketball squad that has the Lady Mustangs headed towards the playoffs.

The Midland Christian Lady Mustangs are playoff bound for the second straight year…with a large part of the success having to do with the Ashton sisters

And these two don’t take it for granted

“Most people, they get to play the varsity sport,” said Megan Ashton, “but they don’t get to experience it with someone special like their sister or sibling.”

It’s that very sibling bond that gives them the one up.

“They communicate with each other in a different way because they do live together and they’re in close quarters with each other,” said Mustangs head coach Chris Ryburn.

How close are we talking?

“Well, we share a room and so we’re always around each other and we butt head a lot because we’re a lot like the same kinda person,” said Morgan Ashton

Yet they’re not entirely alike.

“She kinda jokes around a lot more than I do. I’m the quiet one,” said Megan

“I laugh a lot and I have fun in situations,” said Morgan.

And when it comes down to it, big sis is always looking over little sis

 “I’m really hard on her, but we have a lot of fun together and we have a lot of chemistry,” said Morgan. “I know where I can be and I know where she’ll go so it helps us a lot.”

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