Athlete of the Week: Andrews Mustangs Gunnar Rogers 3/31/14

Athlete of the Week: Andrews Mustangs Gunnar Rogers 3/31/14

The definition of a student-athlete, Andrews Mustangs senior baseball stud Gunnar Rogers is delivering for his team one last season before heading on to College Station.

Gunnar Rogers is a lot of things for the Andrews Mustangs baseball squad.

“He’s a good hitter," said Mustangs head coach Rod Garner. "Very excellent hitter. The last two years we’ve moved him into outfield and let him just concentrate on hitting. He’s a baseball junkie and always working on his game and he’s developed into a pretty good baseball player.”

From pitcher to outfield, whatever Rogers is asked to do, he’s on the fly about it, and it’s all because of his passion for the sport.

“It’s really because of my love for the game," said Rogers. "I’ve grown up playing baseball. I was not one of those kids who liked a lot of sports when he was a kid. I really have only liked baseball."

Life outside of the diamond for Rogers includes juggling many extracurricular activities and tons of social interaction with the people around him.

“The thing with Gunnar, he gets along with everybody and he’s very polite and he talks with everybody. You know a pretty good student besides a ball player," said Garner.

He’ll be Texas A&M bound in the fall, and whether or not he’ll walk on for the Aggies, Rogers will always live by what the old ball game taught him.

“Working hard in everything, I guess that’s how baseball has helped me with everything," said Rogers. "Work hard in school, work hard in my workouts, work hard in being a good kid, being a good student, being a good son, being a good friend…”

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