Andrews Sees Increase In Scams

Andrews Sees Increase In Scams

The City of Andrews is seeing an increase in scams.
ANDREWS, TX (Local Big 2 News) - The City of Andrews is seeing an increase in scams.

And lately, scammers have been trying to attach themselves to school districts.

"Businesses are very generous when it comes to the schools, they want to help out," said Julia Wallace, executive director for the Andrews Chamber of Commerce.

Wallace credits it to the Permian Basin's thriving economy.

Wallace says these scammers can seem legitimate when they claim to work with children or school districts.

"It just kind of goes from there. They'll end up turning over their credit card number, they're visa card number right quick and the company's made a quick $500, a quick $1,000," Wallace said.

According to Wallace, The chamber received an email from the Andrews Independent School District Friday, about an anti-bullying scam called, "Take a Stand".

In a letter from the district's assistant superintendent, a woman claims to be working with AISD and asked two local businesses to fund the organization's materials for $600.

"They know what the hot topics are and they know things like bullying is a really hot topic. They know those are issues that affect so many people," Wallace said.

It's scams like these that cause local businesses to fall victims to these scams, leaving them unable to donate funds to a legitimate cause that benefits the community.

Wallace says one major example scammers use is the Chamber of Commerce itself, adding the money will go to the chamber's relocation packet.

Something Wallace says is completely false.

"We do not take magnets or phone book covers or anything like that from these companies that are not chamber members and they are not part of our community," Wallace said.

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