A New Teen Trend: The Thigh Gap

A New Teen Trend: The Thigh Gap

You might not know it, but you've seen it everywhere. Models, actresses and now teenagers have it. So, what is it?
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - You see it on the runway. You even see it in the movies. But what is it?

"It's just the gap in between your legs that separate them. If you stand up they don't touch," said twenty-one year old Stephanie Scarbrough.

It's called, the thigh gap.

"It's a little boom that everybody heard about and they're all trying to get it," said Scarbrough.

I tracked down, twenty-one year old Stephanie Scarbrough, she tells me the ins and outs of the gap.

"A lot of girls were actually talking about it in school and it was something that they all really wanted," said Scarbrough.

Psychiatrist Wilbur Lineback tells me just how unrealisitc and unatainable it is.

"Since it's so rare that somebody can get a thigh gap like the models you see on t.v, that it's dangerous," said Lineback.

I wanted to dig a little deeper into this issue, so I went to the Centers For Children & Families.

"That seems to be the ideal, right now. Girls as young as fourth grade all the way up to young and even older ladies that are very much trying to get the thigh gap," said Counselor Kristi Edwards.

I sat down with Counselor Kristi Edwards and she believes this gap goal can lead to major problems.

"Someone that can't achieve it, starts trying to achieve it and that goes into the eating disorders," said Edwards.

Thigh gap chit chat is everywhere.

"It's not just an awareness, it's an obsession," said Edwards.

Its all over social media sites like...

"Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook," said Scarbrough.

With endless thigh gap images covering the pages, and Instagram accounts with names like, Thigh Gap Please and Thigh Gap Love.

"There's a certain point where it's too skinny and it's not healthy looking," said Scarbrough.

And Dr. Lineback is amazed at how many images of the thigh gap flood these sites.

"It's very surprising how many photos and things are on the Internet where they encourage young girls to diet to get a thigh gap," said Lineback.

But Scarbrough says getting a thigh gap shouldn't be at the top of your to-do list.

"I think that people are looking at it to be a lot more than what it is, it's not really important to have a thigh gap," said Scarbrough.

The skin and bones look isn't her style.

"I know there's a lot of people that judge for people that do have it and people that don't," said Scarbrough.

And she admits...

"I have one and it's not like I tried to get one," said Scarbrough.

"I have a young girl that comes in and she will eat nothing for breakfast, she'll drink water for lunch," said Edwards.

She stresses, that's not a healthy path to take.

A path Scarbrough chooses to avoid.

"I like my body the way it is," said Scarbrough.

An empowering statement for a twenty-one year girl in a world where most choose to take extreme measures to be thin.

"You're not supposed to be like everybody else," said Scarbrough.

This makes you wonder just how long this dangerous trend will stick around?

"Hopefully, it won't stay too long, but our trend still is to be thin," said Lineback.
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