A Local Midland Rugby Team Looks To Win A Championship This Summer

A Local Midland Rugby Team Looks To Win A Championship This Summer

Midland Mad Dog Rugby is in it's 15th season in the Tall City.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "At the end of the day a couple times a week, I get to run on the field with a bunch of mates and chase the ball around, get to hit some people", said Midland Mad Dog Fullback Matthew Dielesen.

 Dielesen moved from Australia earlier this year.

After playing rugby one time with the Tall City guys, he was hooked.

"I love playing with the mad dogs, everyone's from different places all around America. They all have the love for rugby", said Dielesen.

"That’s the thing about rugby; it is truly a global sport. I mean just as much as soccer it is played all over the world", said Midland Mad Dog Coach, Dave Linaberry.

Linaberry says the team is very diverse.             

"We’ve got some Australian players, English players, we've got players from Houston, and I’m from Pennsylvania", said Linaberry.

"I went to Texas tech I played there for four years and it was extremely addicting", said Midland Mad Dog Outside Center, Abdul Sule.

Rugby is one of the most physical sports out there, so being fit is a must.

"If you're not in shape, the games really tough, but if you are in shape, it's just a fun game", said Linaberry.

Linaberry said the fields are 100 meters long and about 65 meters wide with 7 on 7 games. Rugby is a team sport and teammates count on each other.

"Everyone gets along marvelously. It's a really great bunch of blokes", said Dielesen.

"The comradery, it's one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with the sport for 12 years", said Linaberry.

"It didn't take much time at all to getting along with them, hanging out with them outside the sport as well", said Sule.

That bond created with one another keeps them coming back for more.

"It’s nice to have that especially out here in Midland, Texas because I’m from Houston. It's nice to come to a small town and still have a good people here", said Sule. 

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