A Group Of Seniors Wants To See A New Activity Center In Midland

A Group Of Seniors Wants To See A New Activity Center In Midland

The group has found the perfect building near Tradewinds and Thomason in West Midland
MIDLAND -- A group of senior citizens is asking for a new activity center in the Tall City.

The group brought a presentation before the Midland County Commissioners Court Monday.

Kat Copeland is retired.

She says, at times, it was not much like living so much as just existing.

"For me, personally, that clock was just tick tick ticking away. What do you do," Copeland said.

She knows it can be like that for retirees.

To that end, she would like to see a new senior activity center built in West Midland at the corner of Tradewinds and Thomason.

"It'll give them someplace where they can still be with their friends even though they're retired," Copeland continued.

She wants this to be a tax free burden to the citizens of Midland, and in her report she details several different grants that could be used to pay for the center. 

The building she would like to see it housed in already exists.

That building used to be Allegiance Specialty Hospital of the Permian Basin but Copeland believes this could be the perfect place for a senior activity center.

"I've seen that building and I thought 'this is so perfect' and it just sat there and I kept thinking about it and I thought 'I've got to present it'," Copeland told us.

The building already has a swimming pool and exercise center, and according to Copeland, enough space for a ballroom, cafe; even a park on the grounds.

Copeland says she got a good feeling and a positive response from the Midland County Commissioners after her presentation on Monday.

Judge Mike Bradford says it will be considered as any credible request is.

"We will take it into the process of the budget that's coming up and evaluate it based on the overall needs of the county," Judge Bradford explained.

For Copeland, she just wants to see someplace that will give seniors a place to thrive in retirement.

Copeland added that ultimately she would like to see this become a community center as well as a senior center.

Interestingly enough, the location near Tradewinds and Thomason is next to Crestview Baptist Church and the old Crestview Baptist was also near one of Midland's senior centers

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