A Family Affair, A 4th Sibling Qualifies For State Golf Tournament

A Family Affair, A 4th Sibling Qualifies For State Golf Tournament

Ashley Halfmann is the 4th member of her family to compete in the Golf State Tournament.

"I’ve made it to regionals all four years of high school and I won district last year.This year is my first year to qualify for state", said Garden City High School Golfer, Ashley Halfmann.           

The Halfmann family has a rich history at the state tournament.

"I’ve heard all the stories of her sister and her brother and all them going to the state tournament", said Garden City Golf Coach, David Wood.

"Everybody’s made it at least one time", said Halfmann.

This year is Ashley’s time and she has come ready to play this season.

"She’s pretty much dominated the whole tournament we've ever went to", said Wood.

Ashley has dominated because of her work ethic toward the game.

The Garden City Lady Bearkats have to travel more than 25 miles for practice at the Big Spring Country Club.

"It’s pretty difficult because the girls I play against all have golf courses like right outside their door", said Halfmann.

Ashley's father wanted his daughter to have a course right outside of her door; therefore he made a few adjustments to the backyard.

"My dad made a driving range behind our house, he flatten out the field and we planted grass for a t-ball that's really helped", said Halfmann.

Along with the practice at home, Ashley says Coach David Wood helped her get through the mental struggles of the game.

“I don't know if I would of held it together at Regionals if it hadn't been for him coming", said Halfmann.

Coach Wood has a saying that helps his athletes through difficult stretches of the game.

"It’s a marathon, it's not a sprint, you can't live and die off of one shot", said Wood.

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