30 in 15: Stanton Buffaloes

30 in 15: Stanton Buffaloes

Stanton Head Coach John Peterson wants Senior Safety Jonathan Tomlinson to be leader and the catalyst of the defense.

Stanton, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "It’s a great feeling to be back out here at 7 o’clock in the morning, kids loving it every bit of it so it's an exciting time you know it's West Texas football Friday nights", said Stanton Head Coach, John Peterson.

Coach Peterson says his team had a productive off season.

"Our main strength is our conditioning, I think our guys came into camp in good shape were proud of that right now", said Peterson.

Coaches say the team has come back with a good attitude and they are buying into the team's simple philosophy.

"Move the ball on offense and stop the ball on defense", said Senior Safety, Jonathan Tomlinson.

That's one area where the Buffaloes look to improve this season.

"We hope that our defense is going to show up a little bit more, we were a little weak and suspect in some places only because we had some young guys playing the position", said Peterson.

This season Coach Peterson has some experienced guys that he expects to stop the ball, with Tomlinson leading the way.

"I’ve worked four years, worked my butt off to get to this spot so hoping for the best", said Tomlinson.

Stanton opens the season at Kermit on August 29th.

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