30 in 15: Seminole Indians

30 in 15: Seminole Indians

"You can have the greatest schemes and everything else but without experience, most guys can't perform well. - Seminole Head Coach, Kent Jackson

Seminole, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - First year Seminole head coach Kent Jackson believes this is the best part of the year.

"Getting a fresh start, to start a new season is a very exciting time of year and we look forward to what this one holds", said Jackson.

The Indians went 3-7 last season, only one game shy of making the playoffs.

Seminole Quarterback Jarrett Johnson says things will be different this year.

"This new coaching staff came in with a vision and the offensive coordinator here is a genius so I expect a lot more progress this year", said Johnson.

"As a little kid you look to this moment and you wait for it, makes you kind of nervous, but you're excited about it cause it's all you got", said Seminole Quarterback Grant Petty.

Napoleon Hill said strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

This could be Johnson’s breakout year.

"One of our weaknesses last year was our passing game from me mostly and that's something I really worked on this offseason and I hope we can turn it into strength for our team this year", said Johnson.

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