30 in 15: Reagan County Owls

30 in 15: Reagan County Owls

Reagan County looks to make the playoffs in 2014.
BIG LAKE, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

Reagan County went 3 and 7 last year, and 1 and 4 in their district. This is head coach Ken Campbell's third year, but before he was the guy in charge...

"I actually had these seniors when they were in the 8th grade and they turned it around from their 7th grade grade year when they struggled to their 8th grade year they were very successful. That's something they've had and built on and they believe in themselves and believe in the coaching staff," said Campbell.

The owls do have a bunch of guys coming back. But just like any other team they share this.

"We do have some returning lettermen, but we are a little short on depth so we've got to keep everybody healthy and if we keep everybody healthy, we've got a shot," said Campbell.

One of the reasons why the owls might make the playoffs is because of their swagger.

"We've got a little bit of an attitude at times. I don't think we're over cocky but we got a little bit of confidence about us just some grit about us," said Campbell.

With that attitude comes self assurance.

"If somebody beats us it's going to be because they're better than us. We're not going to be afraid of anybody. We're going to show up ready to get after it," said Campbell.

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