30 in 15: Monahans Loboes

30 in 15: Monahans Loboes

The Loboes maintain consistency year after year.
MONAHANS, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) -- Last season Monahans went 7-4, 4-1 in the district, and a 3A Division Two area finalist. But what separates this team from other Loboes teams is their attitude.

"Sounds crazy but our enthusiasm. You know we got returners coming back but this group is a little different than we've had in the past," said head coach Mickey Owens.

Owens quarterback, flanker, DB, do everything Dylan Anderson agrees.

"We got good attitudes everybody here has a good attitude and everybody helps one another with anything that someone needs," said Anderson.

That unity allows for a quick and up tempo wing t offense the Loboes run year after year.

"I really think this year it'll be fast. It's going to be fast explosive we got two great backs. Our receivers are good we're going to be a fast team," said Anderson.

"We're quick in the wing t offense and we do a lot of misdirection on offense so that helps on defense. We like to run to the ball. We're not real big," said Owens.

Teams are defined by how they react to adversity. Anderson wants to know how they'll react under pressure.

"I really want to know if something bad happens in a game or whatever I really want to know how we respond," said Anderson.

His coach has clear expectations this Fall.

"Our goal is to win the first ball game of season, first district game and win district championship and see where it takes us. We set the same goals every year," said Owens.

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