30 in 15: McCamey Badgers

30 in 15: McCamey Badgers

McCamey is in year two of the John Fellows era.
MCCAMEY, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

The McCamey badgers went four and eight last year, and two and four in district, as well as an area finalist. Coach John Fellows likes this feeling.

"Just being in that 2nd year. The first year we were flying by the seed of our pants and trying to get better each week. These kids have been in the system and know what to expect from me," said Fellows.

Everyone knows games are won up front. The badgers don't have a lot of experience at O line.

"Our biggest question mark coming in was our offensive line. We lost four off of last year's offensive line. I have one returning starter so that's a big question mark up front those guys really need to get it done," said Fellows.

But those o linemen are making sure their unit blossoms into something special this Fall.

"We've actually been working hard and two a days and everything is going well so far and I think we're gelling up pretty good right now," said senior left tackle Andrew Tone.
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