30 in 15 - Marfa Shorthorns

30 in 15 - Marfa Shorthorns

A huge problem last year with the Shorthorns was conditioning, but Coach Jeff Jones has these boys in shape for this season.

Marfa, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "Our depth is our biggest strength we have a lot of kids playing; we have 33 out for football", said Marfa Head Coach Jeff Jones.

"We have a lot of experience coming back and a lot of these kids have a lot of drive, talent", said Shorthorns Quarterback Eduardo Amaro.

Last year the Shorthorns went 2-8, but Marfa Tight End Orlando Sanchez says the community will see a different team in 2014.

"This year we have a lot of potential, we have a lot of people coming back so I think we can go pretty far this year. Honestly think we'll be doing good this year", said Sanchez.

It's the Shorthorns third year in six man.

The offense runs well, but during Two-A-Days, Marfa’s defense needs to step it up. 

"The six man game it's more wide open on the defensive side so you really got to be more detailed in your pursuit", said Coach Jones.

Sanchez says the team works on form tackling every day. Wrap that man up!

"We’ve been working on tackling a lot more", said Amaro.

"I would say the defense is looking pretty good", said Sanchez.

Amaro put time in the weight room and worked on throwing on the run this summer, to help his team succeed this year.

"A six man quarterback, he can scramble but he can't take off running so I had to learn how to throw better", said Amaro.

The Shorthorns look to make a complete turnaround this season, Marfa has one goal this year.


"To make the playoffs and let Marfa know that we're reppin the town good”, said Sanchez.

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