30 in 15 - Lamesa Golden Tornadoes

30 in 15 - Lamesa Golden Tornadoes

Lamesa Quarterback Roger Martin Jr. says the team has will show more intensity and a lot more effort from both sides of the football, offense and defense.

Lamesa, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "We know how people see us it's not a secret. We know when people pull out the schedule they circle Lamesa", said Lamesa Head Coach, David Ritchey.

Although the Golden Tornadoes are ranked low, Coach Ritchey says the team plans to prove the critics wrong.

"I believe this year for the first time we’re going to start getting some wins in that column and really start turning things around", said Coach Ritchey.

Lamesa went winless in 2013, but this season the team has a brand new offensive line and a playmaker that can get things done in multiple positions.

"It’ll put me in a spot where somebody needs a break at quarterback spot; you need to put me there if someone needs a break, at wide receiver if they need some fresh legs out there. I'm willing to do it, get out there and help as much as I can", said Lamesa QB/WR, Roger Martin Jr.

The Golden Tornadoes have prepared for this moment since November of last year.

The coaching staff worked on changing the culture of Lamesa football.

"I firmly believe once they win a game that they will turn the corner and go out every Friday night thinking they have shot", said Coach Ritchey.

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