30 in 15: Iraan Braves

30 in 15: Iraan Braves

Iraan looks to go farther in the playoffs in 2014, then 2013.
IRAAN, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

Last season Iraan went undefeated in district, and went three rounds in the playoffs. Offensively with all their skilled guys back, the braves want to put up some points.

"We want to try to turn it into organized chaos. Where we're quick on the ball and line up in a lot of sets. Have the defense on the heels. Attack mode all the time," said head coach Mark Kirchhoff.

The offensive line is inexperienced. Senior slotback Devan Griffin says they'll have to help them.

"We have to make moves off of what they do. We can't get mad at what they do. We have to boost them up and keep them going and get them after practice and help them understand the plays more," said Devan Griffin.

Devan's head coach agrees.

"Our skilled people will have to learn that our kids are learning up front and I think they'll get better every week and hoping by week 4 or 5 that it becomes more natural," Kirchhoff.

With all their dangerous offensive threats back, the braves have big expectations in 2014.

"I feel like we couldn't finish last year. This year we have so much potential for everyone to go four quarters. My expectation is to go to the quarterfinals and hopefully state," said Griffin.

"We're just trying to take that bar a step higher this year. Last year we got three rounds deep so we're sort of setting a goal to get a little farther this year," said Kirchhoff.
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