30 in 15: Garden City Bearkats

30 in 15: Garden City Bearkats

"Hopefully we don’t get in a situation where we lose due to poor execution in the special teams" - Garden City Head Coach, Matt Odom

Garden City, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "We feel like if we can run our offense faster than most people do without huddling, trying to hurry it up a little bit", said Garden City Head Coach, Matt Odom.

The Bearkats have one of the most fast paced practices in the Basin running 20 plays in 3 minutes.

"When defenses come out to Garden City, they have to be ready to run. They're gonna be challenged, they're going to be gassed and hopefully we'll be better shape and just run around them", said Bearkats Center, Hugo Almazan.

Garden City went to the regional playoffs last year, but lost by two points to Ira.

"Were just trying to build on that and come out on top in district win some games and see what we can do in the playoffs", said Bearkats Tailback, Ismael Ramirez.

"Last year our weakness is we didn't play as a team, got mad at each other but this year we have more confidence", said Bearkats Defensive End Aaron Enriquez.

The Bearkats are walking around with swag, but Coach Odom says the team needs to improve in one area.

"Tighten up our special teams a bit; put more of an emphasis on that for this coming year", said Coach Odom.

"We know what we have to do this year and we’re working on it and hopefully for sure we're going to have that down", said Almazan. 

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