30 in 15: Fort Stockton Panthers

30 in 15: Fort Stockton Panthers

Fort Stockton hopes the experience coming back will help in 2014.
FORT STOCKTON, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

Fort Stockton went two and nine last year, and just two and three in district. But the panthers have 19 starters returning from last Fall.

"I think it will benefit us tremendously. Having these kids come back they know the playing experience. We no longer are going to accept mediocrity. We will go for the gusto," said head coach Derrick Taylor.

Coach Taylor is not blessed with five star recruits, so he says they'll have to be blue collar.

"We don't have athletic talent running out our ears over here. We don't have any 6-5 4.3 40 guys so we've take the philosophy of outworking our opponents this year," said Taylor.

Makes sense that he thinks this unit represents the team's strength.

"Our defense. We're going to hit hard. We're going to line up right. We're going to think simple. We're going to do it effective," said Taylor.

Now to outwork your opponent you got to be in shape.

"I'm more concerned with our conditioning. I hope we're conditioned enough that's what we've focused on this Fall Camp," said Taylor.

Coach Taylor does like to be vocal.

"I like to hollar and scream a little bit and I like to celebrate. Some sometimes it cracks," said Taylor.
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