30 in 15: Coahoma Bulldogs

30 in 15: Coahoma Bulldogs

Coahoma has a new defense and a new mindset this Fall.
COAHOMA, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

"We're tired of losing. We're going to work as hard as we can. We don't want to lose anymore," said senior tackle Zak Walton.

Coahoma went 1-9 last year, and 0-5 in district. Head coach Trey Gardner thinks his 17 returning starters translates to improvement.

"We're hoping it'll allow us to progress and move faster for one thing. We've changed defenses and put in wrinkles on offense but these guys our base offense they already know," said Gardner.

Speaking of that defense...

"We switched from a 4-3 to a 3-3 stack primarily because we changed defensive coordinators and my belief is we need to do something he's comfortable with. Not necessarily something I'm comfortable with," said Gardner.

The bulldogs perspective might be the catalyst for success.

"Our attitudes right now are tremendously better than they were last year. Our belief in ourselves and the way we come out here getting after it," said Gardner.

Coach Gardner has this goal:

"We want to win a district championship. If that's not your expectation then I think you've got some problems," said Gardner.
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