30 in 15: Borden County Coyotes

30 in 15: Borden County Coyotes

Borden County's young talent looks to win another district title.
GAIL, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

Borden County won district last season and hopes to win it again this season, but many of the coyote starters are sophomores. Coach Richey says his guys have a district mindset.

"I've seen games at the JV level where four of our captains came up to about the shoulder of the other team and those kids will go out there and compete. It's a belief that we can compete," said Richey.

Junior full back Korbin Martinez agrees with his coach.

"They're just like us. They've been working hard and want a spot too and we're all brothers so we just work hard as a family and encourage one another and if someone earned a spot then they earned it," said Korbin Martinez.

Borden County performs this ritual to stay hungry.

"Every day before we go out in the locker room coach holds up a trophy and we each touch it on the way out. It's motivation to bring home more trophies," said Korbin Martinez.

"It was actually a broken trophy that was broken that we won a district championship not to long ago. So we kept the ball. The kids touch it because we want them to understand what it's all about right now," said Richey.

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