103 Year Old Woman Evicted

103 Year Old Woman Evicted

A 103 year old woman is being evicted from her assisted living facility.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "She is one-hundred and three and will be one-hundred and four May 19th," said Noma's daughter Pam Six.

Her name is Noma Six, the perfect last name for a woman who is still young at heart.

"Such a childlike quality about her, but yet in a very adult way," said Six.

And an adult decision made monday to evict Noma from her home of eight years, hurt her loved ones.

"It's a very devastating thing," said Six.

Her daughter, Pam, wipes away tears.

"Moving the elderly ends their lives sooner. You move them to a new surrounding and it's literally deadly," said Six.

Emeritus Saddleridge Lodge, Noma's assisted living facility believes it would be a detriment for her to stay in the community.

They say they can't provide the care Noma needs.

Something Pam couldn't understand.

"Immediately, I disagreed with the fact that there was an inability to meet medical needs," said Six.

Pam tells me her mom is just as healthy as ever.

"She is fine, she is not sick, she's not bed ridden, she's not in a bed all day, she goes down to dinner, she still moves around," said Six.

In a statement released by Emeritus, they say they've offered the family many paths to take to keep Noma in the community.

"We were offered certified private sitters, but my mom's income her disposable income is only eighty-five dollars a month and the sitter's are eighteen, nineteen dollars an hour," said Six.

And there is only one more way Noma might be able to stay at Saddleridge.

"The only other option is to pay a twenty-thousand dollar appeal bond to amend the original appeal."

But twenty-thousand dollars is a hefty amount.

"It is a considerable amount of money, the twenty-five hundred was enough and we scraped the together," said Six.

Meanwhile, Pam just wants the best for her mother.

"She just needs to live her life in peace and happiness and that's the way we intend to keep it no matter what," said Six.
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