10,000 Plus Attend Texas Tech's Permian Basin Scrimmage

10,000 Plus Attend Texas Tech's Permian Basin Scrimmage

Thousands gathered at the Grande Communications Stadium for the second annual Texas Tech Permian Basin Scrimmage.

It may have been only a warm windy day in March,

but it was suns up, guns up in Midland Texas this past weekend, where over 10,000 attended the Texas Tech Permian Basin scrimmage.

“We’re all Tech fans and this is home for us so we consider ourselves part of Texas Tech," said fan Trey Garmon.

“Tech has always been well supported here in Midland," said alumnus Gary Hall.

“It’s crazy how many people show up here and we’re in Midland and it’s just a spring game and it’s crowded like this—it was like this last year—so it’s a neat thing," said alumna Bonni Bauman.

A neat thing where Red Raider faithful all had their favorite part of the day.

“Lots of entertainment," said alumnus Beverly Logsdon

“The Tech game," said fan David Fuentes.

“Great food. She’s modest, the food is out of this world," said alumnus Jeffrey Patrick Harris

That good huh?

“Everyone’s trying to top each other with the food. The food’s the best part," said Harris.

But after the Texas barbecue was devoured, it was all about the fellowship.

“Camaraderie. Just to get together," said Hall.

“All the people," said Garmon. "People come out and have a good time. That’s what it’s all about."

“It’s just like we’re in Lubbock again," said Bauman.

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