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Craddick & Smitherman to Serve on TX Railroad Commission

Christi Craddick & Barry Smitherman declared unofficial winners
TEXAS -- Both seats that were up for grabs on the Texas Railroad Commission were called early on this evening.

Republican Christie Craddick has been declared the unofficial winner for Place One, beating out Democrat Dale Henry, Libertarian Vivekananda Wall, and Green party candidate Chris Kennedy.  The seat was vacated by Elizabeth Ames Jones earlier this year, who resigned to run for Texas Senate.  Craddick will serve on the commission for the next six years.
Moving on to Place Two, which is the unexpired term where Republican Incumbent Barry Smitherman actually didn't have a Democratic challenger. Smitherman was expected to beat out the other two candidates on the ballot, and he has been declared the unofficial winner. Smitherman was appointed by Governor Rick Perry in July 2011 to fill a seat vacated by Michael Williams. He'll serve on the commission for another two years.

Contrary to popular belief, the Railroad Commission has nothing to do with railroads here in Texas. What they are in charge of, however, is extremely important especially in areas of the state that rely on oil and gas like we do here in West Texas. They're a state agency that oversees oil and gas regulation including drilling production and environmental protection.
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