Cooler Today With Good Rain Prospects 8-27-13

Cooler Today With Good Rain Prospects 8-27-13

Upper 80's/Low 90's prevail with at least a 30% chance for storms.

Rain chances exist for the whole area, but improve as you head south.

North of I-20, rain chances will be 20-30%.

South of I-20, rain chances are closer to 40-50%.

Threats will include brief heavy rain, possible wind and possible hail.

Highs today will be right around 90 degrees.

Some areas will be a degree or two above or below.


We heat back into the low to mid 90's with breezy conditions at 10-20 mph out of the SE.

Rest of Week/Weekend...

We see a warming trend bring everyone back into the upper 90's for the rest of the week and the weekend with plenty of sun.
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