Coahoma Bulldogs 2013 Football Season Preview

Coahoma Bulldogs 2013 Football Season Preview

Wiped out by injuries in 2012, a new, health 2013 Coahoma Bulldogs want opposing teams to fear the bark more than the bite

The 2012 football season was one for the Coahoma Bulldogs to remember, but for all the wrong reasons. The main reason – injuries. The Bulldogs were decimated by them, losing 10 starters throughout the season.

It’s a new year though, and Coach Trey Gardner will be tinkering with his roster in order to replace the class of 2013 and he’s gotta like the fact that his JV squad went 9 and 1.

The biggest replacement at hand is the entire offensive line. That's right -- all of the starting unit graduated.

Right after that, the quarterback position, and filling the big shoes of Tanner Ruiz is junior Braxton Iden, who actually got some experience last season when Ruiz went down.

The Bulldogs look to have a lot on their plate, but don’t underestimate these underdogs, they’ll be giving it their all.

Well we don’t have big guys," said senior defensive back/wing back Caige Miller, "but we got heart and we’ll have a lot of strength.”

“I know that, myself, my team is gonna play their butts off every single play of the game and I think that we’ll have a chance," said junior quarterback/defensive back Braxton Iden.

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