Chilean Miner Rescue Rescue Engineer Coming to Midland

Chilean Miner Rescue Rescue Engineer Coming to Midland

Greg Hall to speak at Centers for Children and Families benefit
MIDLAND -- The entire world remembers the day the 33 Chilean miners were rescued, but aside from the miners themselves and their families, no one remembers that day quite like Greg Hall who engineered "Plan B" that helped save the miners lives.

It all started in August of 2010, when the miners got trapped 2,000  feet underground after a minor earthquake. They were trapped for more than two months, as Chilean government officials and experts from around the world tried to figure out a way to locate and bring the miners to safety.
Greg Hall of Drillers Supply International says he knew there was a way to drill through the more than 2,000 feet of solid rock to save their lives and proposed Plan B, an operation that eventually brought the miners to back to the Earth's surface alive.

"It was tremendous pressure because I've done a lot of different drilling in harsh conditions for profit, and I failed many times, but I've never had a situation where failure might mean somebody's life, so it was extremely intense," said Hall.
Hall says just locating the miners was nothing short of a miracle since they were drilling blindly. When it comes to taking credit for the rescue, he says, "God drilled the hole, I just had a good seat."

Now West Texans are getting a chance to hear hall speak in person, learn how they actually made the rescue, and  see footage of of the initial contact that was made with the miners. Hall will be speaking at an event benefiting Centers for Children and Families Friday beginning at 6pm at the Horseshoe Arena.

If you would like to reserve a seat or a table, you can call Centers for Children and Families 432-570-1084. You can also find more information on their website,

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