Cat Found With Tail and Ears Sliced Off

Cat Found With Tail and Ears Sliced Off

A cat was found in Midland County severely mutilated.
MIDLAND COUNTY -- A cat was found in Midland County severely mutilated.  Authorities and vets were shocked to see that the cat, Athena, had her ears and tail sliced off.

At this point no arrests have been made.

"Somebody was being very sadistic," said Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter.
Veterinarians say Athena is lucky to be alive.  Police still don't know exactly who the butcher is, but they're closing in.

"It's been turned over to investigators," said Painter.  "They're looking at it, and one way or the other we'll get an answer to it."

As for Athena, vets say she's expected to make a full recovery.

"She was dehydrated and still in shock when we got her, but she is one heck of a fighter," said veterinarian Jessica Todia.

When Athena was first brought in, the staff was horrified.  They've seen cases of animal abuse before, but they haven't seen anything like this.

"We were all very upset," Todia said.  "I don't think there was a dry eye here after she came in."

Although Athena certainly has a reason to be scared of people, the staff at the A to Z Veterinary Clinic says she's as friendly a cat as you're likely to meet.  They hope to adopt her to a new, loving family.

For now Athena is going to stay at the clinic until she's healthy enough to head out to a new home.
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