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Carlsbad Flooding Requires Evacuation of 60 People

The rain started pouring into Carlsbad wednesday night and carried on through the morning.
CARLSBAD, NM -- The rain started pouring into Carlsbad Wednesday night and carried on through the morning.

To put it in perspective, meteorologists say Carlsbad has received an entire month's worth of rain in just one evening.

"The amount of rain we've had in a three day period has been, probably not seen in many years in this area," said Mark Strobin, a warning meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

According to the National Weather Service, it's a combination of things causing this type of rainfall.

Strobin says it's all due to two upper level patterns funneling moisture, with the help of the mountains that is causing the rain.

"So far it is not as intense as the flood was in 2004. The flood in 2004, we had a discharge overflow from Lake Avalon of about 30,000 cubic feet per second. And today it's managed to stay somewhere around 8,000 or a little above that," said Kenney Rayroux, a public information officer for the The eddy county office of emergency management.

The Eddy County Office of emergency management has been responding quickly to evacuate people.

"They have a smaller helicopter assisting the boats through the day and those operations continue. We also requested and are receiving a black hawk helicopter," said Rayroux.

According to the Eddy County Office of Emergency, a little over 60 people need to be evacuated.

The main concern is to complete the evacuation at the Lakewood area.

They also want to remind people to not cross any low water crossings, don't take a chance on it, turn around and find another route.

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