Candlelight Vigil for Train Tragedy Victims

Candlelight Vigil for Train Tragedy Victims

MIDLAND -- It was a night of remembrance.
MIDLAND -- It was a night of remembrance.

A night for the community to come together exactly one year after a train accident during a veterans parade.

"Me and my five year old were out here watching the parade and we saw the whole thing," said Rene Hernandez, who witnessed the accident with his son.

The Patriot Guard Riders held a candlelight vigil for the community.

"To honor not just the four fallen soldiers. But, all 24 families who were involved in the train accident last year," said Sandy Dunlap, a member of the Patriot Guard Riders.

Bringing out show of support members, veterans and other members of the community.

Each one holding a candle or a flashlight.

"We are still thinking about them and we will never forget," said Dunlap.

And for Hernandez and his son, it's something he says they will never forget.

"My son talks about it every now and then you know, he remembers everything you know, the big orange truck got hit by a train you know, I mean it's something that stays in your head, probably gonna stay in my head for the rest of my life," said Hernandez.

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